“Belmont 408 is a beautiful place. AA++. Will only book at Belmont from here out. Perfect location. Central Reservations has wonderful, friendly people.”
-Rob & Dawn F.

“Rented Captains View #1 two years in a row and we’re very happy.”
-Denise H.

“Very satisfied with Gateway Grand 1206. Condo was beautiful, elevators great, very nice furnishings.”
-Mark F.

“Gateway Grand 1403 is an excellent property. Best I’ve every stayed in at OC. Better than the Hilton.”
-Leon H.

“Gateway Grand 1508 was beautifully decorated and equipped. Conveniently located. Thank you Steve and Central Reservations.”
-Leach Family

“Island @ Hidden Harbour 123D was perfect for us. Loved it.”
-John & Kathis

“Island Cabana 209 was very nice. Staff was very helpful.”
-William J.

“Islander 410A was beautiful beyond expectations!”
-Linda D.

“Staff very knowledgeable and nice. Islander 410A was lovely!”
-Crystal B.

“Makai 304 was beautifully decorated. Helpful, polite staff.”
-Tara C.

“Makai 314 was wonderful! Everything was great! :)”
-Brad D.

“Mariner’s Watch 401 is absolutely fabulous.”
-Alexandra K.

“We loved Ocean Villa 26. Central Reservations made it easy, efficient. All the internet photos were very realistic.”
-Luanne K.

“Check-in was excellent! Quick and we were 1/2 hour early. Ocean Villa 30 looked just like the pictures on the web! Great location, great view, great beach. Great!”
-Colleen C.

“Ocean Watch 303 very clean, equipped with everything we needed.”
-Jennifer P.

“Ocean’s Edge 303 is a beautiful unit! Nicely furnished and equipped. Will rent again.”
-Pankaj S.

“Salt Spray 3 is absolutely beautiful. Better than expected. Hope to stay here again next year.”
-John & Katie

“81 Beach Hill #208 has a very nice layout. Conducive for families. Central Reservations very nice to work with and rent from.”
-Mitchell W.

“Alexander 203D was very nice, spacious and comfortable. Will absolutely rent again. It was a great trip.”
-Lorna O.

“Check-in was effortless! Atlantis 1507 was beautiful and clean!”
-Debbie S.

“We are very happy. Service was great.”
-Sherri and Steve

“Belmont 304 was wonderful. Really enjoyed it.”
-Marcus M.

“Gateway Grand 407 is a great unit. Great facility.”
-Melissa D.

“Gateway Grand 1205 was very well decorated and furnished! Loved the extras the building had to offer.”
-Jill J.

“Yes, will absolutely rent Gateway Grand 1206 again.”
-Sonia S.

“Nice to be let in early since unit was ready. Gateway Grand 1403 was a very nice property. I was treated very nicely.”
-William A.

“Gateway Grand 1508 was a beautiful property.”
-Rochelle W.

“Island Cabana 102 is a very beautiful and very clean unit!”
-Dom G.

“I loved Makai 102 and will stay here next year. The room was beautiful!”
-Holly H.

“Makai 114 is a lovely property. Very convenient.”
-James C.